Darvaza Wave is an alternative rock band, formed in Italy in 2015. Their sound is influenced by electronic, dark, new-wave and gothic.

Darvaza Wave won the Italian Arezzo Wave award as best band of their region in 2018, and were evaluated as one of the best 16 bands among the 191 participants during the contest Euregiorock contest in 2022.

Their first EP “Truth“ (2018) is available on Spotify (as Darvaza). The official videoclip of the single “Life is Unfair“ was shot and produced by Envyda.

The single “Bastion“ (April 2020) was followed by a fan-based video depicting the solitude of people during Covid-19 pandemic around the world, and winning 4 international awards.

“Sleep Like My Soul“ (October 2020) and is the story of an astronaut that, after a shuttle breakdown, asks to the ground control for a last song to be transmitted via radio, in order to dance one last time while fluctuating in space. The official videoclip was produced by the visual artist Jack Malombra.

“The World (oft he Elder Things)“ (2021) is a personal journey against all fears and personal monsters haunting our brains. The official videoclip, produced by Envyda and ExFormat Movie with the “Unreal Engine“ technology, will be out in February 2023.

”Bastion Knights”, a 4-songs EP produced in collaboration with Crunchpod from Los Angeles, was out in December 2022 and contains a remix of “Bastion” by the American artist “STRANGER DREAMS & MNFCTR”.